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Add: No.3 Lemin Avenue, Leping Town, Sanshui Dist., Foshan City, Guangdong, China
Sales Hotline:4001 888 398
Pre sales hotline:+86-15017686321
After sales hotline:4006 188 266

BALDOR Strength


Complete Production Line
●We have a complete compressed air system, including screw air compressors, scroll compressors, piston compressors, air tanks, dryers and filters.
●Different kinds of screw compressors to meet different customers’ demand, including PM VSD air compressors, oil-free air
compressors, two-stage air compressors, low pressure VSD air compressors, normal intelligent VSD series, high-efficiency one-shaft AM series, fixed speed(A)series and etc.
●We pursue the personality and technology innovation of our products, and aimed to produce value-added products.

Unique Selling Points
●BALDOR compressor is like your house-keeper. Messages of maintaining and fault information would be sent to your PC or mobile automatically.
●Compressor parameters could be modified through the remote control system even it’s far away, thus to increase the working
efficiency and reduce the cost.
●Permanent magnet synchronous VSD is the latest technology of energy saving. It will help you to keep a leading position in the
compressor market.

Pattern of Market Planning
●Being our partner ! You can be in charge of a city or a province as long as you are ambitious.
●We will always stand by and trust our present partners, no matter who else want to join in. Integrity is the basic principle we
stick to.
●Our pattern of market planning fundamentally avoided the market regional conflict among each distributor.

Market Protection
●We spare no efforts to protect our partner against cross-boundary selling and  pricing. Products in store are not allowed to be shown online.
●Online price is higher than offline price to protect store-distributors.
●No matter who offend the rule, he will get a punishment. Minded business can only end in success!

Chain Store Strategic
●There are 15 chain stores in Xidesheng Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd, which is the investor and also the big agent of BALDOR. Thanks to the scale high-efficiency management and philosophy of profession and service, we gain great success.
●We believe the success of chain-store management could be copied in other areas and we expect your success!

The First Compressor Club
●The compressor industry is always making an impression of rudeness, disorder and low standard. However, we dedicated to change this situation.
● Thus the first compressor club-BALDOR chain store club is founded.
●Here you can share experience and periodically get improvement in management by training from hired institution . We treat you as
not only a business partner, but also a good friend with same goal and interest and we would be willing to support each other.


Industry Trend


Current Situation
●Serious product homogeneity, disordered market and low price with low quality product mislead the compressor distributors and make them be lack of brand awareness and ignore the product quality as well as the market trend.
●Bid distributors and the factory manufacturer guard against each other, small dealers depend on the manufacturer and are hard to go
●Manufacturers change dealers and distributors frequently for temporary profit instead of long-term business cooperation.
●Some manufacturers seek for sales volume blindly and operate with many brands, which harmed the interest of their existing


The Future of the Compressor Industry
●Made-in-china brands will increasingly influence the world.
●The compressor industry will thoroughly reshuffle in 3~5years. Manufacturers without value-added products, brand building ability or
sales channel will be easily knocked out.
●With the increasing competition, chain-stores management will replace with the extensive management so as to focus on the market
●Chinese national requirement on energy efficiency is more and more stringent. BALDOR will always comply with this requirement to win
the market share.


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